Four Remodelling Styles for Aging Homes That Will Leave Your Neighbours Envious


Remodelling season is around the corner for most people! The charm of an older home can be hard to resist, but aging houses come with a unique set of challenges. From outdated floor plans and old appliances to worn-out exteriors and aging roofs, there are many things that may require your attention if you want to modernize an older property. Fortunately, there are a variety of ways to give your home the modern touch it craves. Keep reading to learn about four top remodelling styles for aging homes that will leave your neighbours envious.


Modern Minimalism

minimalist style

If you have ever been to Ikea, and thought to yourself that those furnitures were the best thing you had ever seen; then modern minimalism is for you! Blending wooden materials with contrast colors, modern minimalist interiors are sights to behold!

Arguably one of the most popular styles right now is modern minimalism. With this style, the focus is on clean lines, simple colours and uncluttered spaces. It’s perfect if you’re looking for a low-maintenance design that accommodates a minimalist lifestyle. Choose materials wisely and consider renovating with stainless steel, glass and other easy-to-clean, durable materials that stand up well over time.


Rustic and Cozy

rustic interior

Looks cozy and as fine as aged wine, rustic interiors feel more natural compared to other interior styles; making it perfect for those that are craving the warmth of mountain houses!

Another great choice for aging homes is the rustic and cozy look. With hardwood floors, exposed brick and warm, earthy tones, this style is all about creating a comfortable, inviting atmosphere. It’s perfect if you’re looking for a design that’s warm, welcoming and feels like a home. Choose soft, plush furniture, warm throws and rustic touches like antlers and farm-inspired accents to complete this look.



retro interior

If you prefer the past to contemporary times, then go for the retro looks! Relive the iconic feel of 50s and 60s inside your home! Retro furnitures have vibrant colors and unique shapes, especially when it comes to kitchen appliances. Time travel has not yet been invented, but retro furnitures are very common to find!

Retro-inspired home renovations are becoming increasingly popular, especially among those who are passionate about the past. If you’re interested in this style, you may want to focus on vintage appliances and materials from the past, or some unique items such as old radios, posters or antique dishware. The idea is to create an aesthetic that’s fun, colourful and unique – great for homes with a lot of personality or for those who just love the nostalgic feel of times past.



transitional interior

Not sure on what you like? No worries, the transitional style has you covered!

For those who want something in-between traditional and modern, the transitional style may be the perfect fit. The transitional concept involves blending modern and traditional elements to create a design that doesn’t feel too “stuffy,” but still has some classic touches. One option is to mix sleek appliances with a more traditional kitchen table or antique sideboard. You may also choose to refurbish older furniture or incorporate antiques into a modern home office.


As you can see, there are many ways you can upgrade your aging home to give it a unique, modern touch. Whether you choose a minimalist, rustic, vintage, or transitional design, the possibilities are endless. Consider the characteristics of your home and your personal style before deciding which route to take, and remember that these are just a few possibilities. With a little creativity and love, anything is possible when it comes to remodelling your aging home. Check out our completed projects or contact us today to start remodelling your dream house!